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Is your computer running slowly ?

Computer Service

Bring your computer or notebook down to us at Wagga Systems for a full service including disabling of startup items, installing low footprint current antivirus, install latest security patches and updates, removing unwanted software plus recommendations on minor upgrades to get your PC running faster.

Virus & Spyware Removal

Has your computer been infected by a Virus or by malicious software? Wagga Systems can remove any type of infection that you may encounter. With our 100% success ratio, we succeed where others fail.

Hardware Upgrade

Computer running slow? Upgrades to your computers hardware can make a big difference in performance. Upgrades include; System RAM upgrades, SSD Upgrades and Accelerate Gaming and Graphics.

Wireless Networking

Wagga Systems specializes in wireless networking including, securing your Wireless Network, Protect your information, Connect you to the internet and extending your Wireless coverage